Tango Meets Jazz: Filmed in Argentina for the wall2wall Jazz Festival

VIRTUAL wall2wall Jazz Festival


  • This is a virtual event lasting approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • The video was first streamed as part of the October 2020 festival
  • Tickets are available from our box office until 28th November 2020
  • Ticket holders can re-watch the video without additional cost (until the box office close date)



  • Viewing alone (Single): £10.00
  • Viewing with others (Family): £15.00
  • Booking the correct ticket will be appreciated

The above video is a short clip from filming in Argentina

UPDATE – The box office will remain open until 28th November

This video has been produced in Argentina for this year’s VIRTUAL wall2wall Jazz Festival by the Tango Jazz Quartet (TJQ) – who have previously visited the club/festival on several occasions.

It takes the audience on a musical journey through the history of tango and its encounters with jazz through stories, archive material and interviews.

The video is illustrated with music from TJQ, that shows how this meeting of tango and jazz took place over a lengthy period of time.

It provides a facinating ‘time line’ of the different periods of tango.  In addition, TJQ’s own music illustrates its approach to Argentina’s folk music and how it integrates it in the territory of jazz.

Formed twelve years ago in Buenos Aires and led by tenor saxophonist/clarinettist Gustavo Firmenich, the TJQ also features pianist Horacio Acosta, bassist Federico Hilal and drummer Alejandro Beelmann.

The Quartet has recorded four albums to date and have been critically acclaimed – both in their native Argentina and internationally for their interesting and innovative blend of tango rhythms and structures with jazz harmonies and improvisation.

This collaboration between w2w and TJQ is a welcome extension of a well established friendship between them.

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