Friends of Black Mountain Jazz

Regular club nights attract some of the best jazz in the UK and from abroad.  A ‘healthy’ membership of the Friends of BMJ is an essential part of both the club and festival programmes.

Friends of BMJ is a membership scheme for supporters of Black Mountain Jazz. You don’t need to be a member to attend club events, but Friends of BMJ do enjoy a few added perks:

    • Advance booking arrangements for some wall2wall Jazz Festival events that might sell out
    • Discounts of £2 on Clubs nights and some wall2wall Jazz Festival tickets
    • Regular news via our online news letters

Annual membership of the Friends of BMJ is £25 (£40 for couples living at the same address).


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  • black-mountain-jazz-moscow-drug-club
    Dinner with Moscow Drug Club: Thursday 31st August: 7pm
  • black-mountain-jazz-wall2wall-festival-2017-1917-all-that-jazz
    1917 & All That Jazz: Friday 1st September: 7:30pm
  • black-mountain-jazz-wall2wall-festival-2017-gareth-roberts
    Gareth Roberts & Dave Jones: Friday 1st September: 8:15pm
  • black-mountain-jazz-wall2wall-festival-2017-ollie-west-band-1
    The Ollie West Band & String Quartet: Sat 2nd September: 12:15pm
  • black-mountain-jazz-wall2wall-festival-2017-eira-snow
    Eira/Snow: Saturday 2nd September: 1.30pm
  • black-mountain-jazz-wall2wall-festival-2017-africa-entsha2
    Africa Entsha: Saturday 2nd September: 2.30pm
  • black-mountain-jazz-wall2wall-festival-2017-sponsors-jean-paul-gard
    John Paul Gard & Erika Lyons: Saturday 2nd September: 3:45pm
  • black-mountain-jazz-wall2wall-festival-2017-ian-shaw2
    Ian Shaw with Barry Green: Saturday 2nd September: 4.45pm
  • black-mountain-jazz-wall2wall-festival-2017-sarah-meek
    SARAH MEEK WITH GUY SHOTTON: Saturday 2nd September: 6pm
  • black-mountain-jazz-wall2wall-festival-2017-gilad-atzmon-ohe2
    Gilad Atzmon Orient house Ensemble: Sat 2nd September: 7pm
  • JONES & LIDDINGTON DUO: Saturday 2nd September: 8.15pm
  • black-mountain-jazz-wall2wall-festival-2017-shez-raja3
    Shez Raja Collective with Dennis Rollins: Saturday 2nd Sept: 9.15pm
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