Argentina's "Festival de Jazz en la Playa"

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Jazz 4 + Miguel Angel Tallarita – approx 36mins  Argentinian jazz and rock trumpeter Miguel Angel Tallarita has participated in major record productions of many renowned artists. In this performance, he joins a quartet dedicated to recreating the swing repertoire of the 1930s.

Ad Libitum – approx 26mins  The Latin transalation of Ad Libitum is “at will, at will” or “to do it in your own way”.  This Argentinian band that unites the genres of jazz, funk and blues represents that ethos with its unique approach to music. Fully embracing improvisation, each Ad Libitum performance is distinctly engaging.

Orquesta de Canuelas – approx 24mins  From its early days as the first collective project of the Canuelas Cultural Institute in Buenos Aires, this ensemble of young and adult musicians has gone from strength to strength.  It now has the reputation of being one of the region’s most impressive when it comes to honoring the genres of folk and tango.

Nevua Jazz Trio – approx 19mins  A new band to the Argentinian jazz scene bringing great music to new audiences. The line up of saxophone, guitar and double bass brings a dreamy set of modern classics that remain true to the traditional jazz scene.

Orquesta de Monte – approx 34mins  An eight-piece orchestra that includes beautiful vocals, guitar and percussion – renowned for playing Argentinian folk music adapted to a big band format.  The Orquesta played at Black Mountain Jazz club night in September 2017 – see the JazzMann review.

Thanks to a collaboration agreement between Black Mountain Jazz and the “Festival de Jazz en la Playa”, the entire 2021 festival is being streamed by BMJ from its website until early April. 

The seven excellent videos that make up the festival will be free to access – although any donations to help meet our costs will be very much appreciated.

The “Festival de Jazz en la Playa” (Jazz Festival on the Beach) was born in the summer of 2002 in the tourist city of Ostend, located on the Atlantic Ocean about 400 km from Argentina’s capital city – Buenos Aires.

Over the years, prestigious musicians from the Argentine jazz scene, as well as international musicians, have performed on the stages of the festival.

The festival has also encouraged the participation of emerging groups and school orchestras. It prides itself on offering the greatest variety of jazz – from traditional to avant garde, embracing swing, bebop, hard bop and multiple fusion music projects.

The “Festival de Jazz en la Playa” is organised by the saxophonist and music educator Gustavo Firmenich, who has performed at Black Mountain Jazz – leading his groups Tango Jazz Quartet, Sotavento Big Band and Monte Orchestra.

It is followed by an enthusiastic audience made up of tourists and local inhabitants. This year, respecting the Covid-19 protocols and paying attention to taking care of the artists and the public, the festival decided to hold a day with live concerts at the Barlovento Beach Resort in Ostend – where it was born.

The performances were filmed and streamed as a three-day festival from its Facebook page, with jazz clubs around the world giving support and helping to attract interest in the festival 2012.

Black Mountain Jazz are delighted to have been invited to make the festival widely available in the UK and beyond.

Tango Jazz Quartet + Marcelo Gillespi Rodriguez – approx 39mins  Tango Jazz Quartet is widely travelled and is well known on the European scene, including at Abergavenny’s Black Mountain Jazz.  The Quartet mixes the melodic and rhythmic patterns of tango with the harmonies and improvisation of jazz.  For this performance, TJQ are joined by trumpeter Marcelo Gillespi Rodriguez, a renowned Argentinian musician who has performed with many highly regarded ensembles and many prominent jazz and rock artists.

Sotavento Big Band – approx 44mins  This band began twelve years ago as a simple ensemble of Gustavo Firmenich’s students, which has since become one of the most active of its kind on the Buenos Aires jazz scene.  Often playing tango arrangements written especially for the band, it has shared the stage with numerous high profile groups in Argentina.


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