About Black Mountain Jazz

Black Mountain Jazz (BMJ) started in 2006, with the aims of bringing good live jazz to Abergavenny.  Our Club Archives page highlights some of the past great club gigs.

You do not need to be a member to come to the Club and everyone is welcome. We do have an optional Friends of BMJ membership.

The Melville Centre includes a comfortable theatre which is an excellent music venue.  The club also has use of the bar, which it runs itself so as to ensure affordable prices.

For all inquiries about the club and its programme, please telephone Mike on 07958 612 691, or email us at info@blackmountainjazz.co.uk.

Our wall2wall festival, which is now held over the first weekend of September, attracts top musicians and you can keep track of the programme via this website.

If you would like to be kept up-to-date about the Club programme and events, including its wall2wall Festival, please sign-up for to our mailing list.

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  • black-mountain-jazz-moscow-drug-club
    Dinner with Moscow Drug Club: Thursday 31st August: 7pm
  • black-mountain-jazz-wall2wall-festival-2017-1917-all-that-jazz
    1917 & All That Jazz: Friday 1st September: 7:30pm
  • black-mountain-jazz-wall2wall-festival-2017-gareth-roberts
    Gareth Roberts & Dave Jones: Friday 1st September: 8:15pm
  • black-mountain-jazz-wall2wall-festival-2017-ollie-west-band-1
    The Ollie West Band & String Quartet: Sat 2nd September: 12:15pm
  • black-mountain-jazz-wall2wall-festival-2017-eira-snow
    Eira/Snow: Saturday 2nd September: 1.30pm
  • black-mountain-jazz-wall2wall-festival-2017-africa-entsha2
    Africa Entsha: Saturday 2nd September: 2.30pm
  • black-mountain-jazz-wall2wall-festival-2017-sponsors-jean-paul-gard
    John Paul Gard & Erika Lyons: Saturday 2nd September: 3:45pm
  • black-mountain-jazz-wall2wall-festival-2017-ian-shaw2
    Ian Shaw with Barry Green: Saturday 2nd September: 4.45pm
  • black-mountain-jazz-wall2wall-festival-2017-sarah-meek
    SARAH MEEK WITH GUY SHOTTON: Saturday 2nd September: 6pm
  • black-mountain-jazz-wall2wall-festival-2017-gilad-atzmon-ohe2
    Gilad Atzmon Orient house Ensemble: Sat 2nd September: 7pm
  • JONES & LIDDINGTON DUO: Saturday 2nd September: 8.15pm
  • black-mountain-jazz-wall2wall-festival-2017-shez-raja3
    Shez Raja Collective with Dennis Rollins: Saturday 2nd Sept: 9.15pm
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